Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bead 413

tired and had a muggy, rainy, wet, squishy day....
so much so that I was bare foot for a portion of the morning
I wore my old tread less crocs today which in retrospect was not my greatest idea....
to prevent sidewalk suicide I resorted to just carry my shoes and pound the pavement bare foot, people got to see my cute little toes outside and during my whole first class, shoes are over rated and I needed for the bottom legs of my jeans to dry so I wouldn't feel grosser and colder the remainder of the day.
the rest of the day went okay, I got farther on a new painting, and got fussed at during critique in etching for not properly hanging up my work
oh well...i got through it all..
toe shaped bead today

p.s.: good vibes tomorrow will be appreciated I have a big test and could use all the good energy I can get

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