Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bead 404 sobs and fishes...

today was a roller coaster of a day even though it was planned to be my most relaxing and restful one....damn me for planning...
well I did get quite afew "peanut butter sandwiches" including me:
  • finally getting over  the major symptoms of whatever has been wrong with me
  • getting allot more cool stuff from the same estate sale as yesterday for only $16.50
  • contacting my glorious professor with online quiz issues and him actually responding, caring, understanding and helping to the best of his abilities, I still ended up sobbing while waiting for the people in charge of the website to help me, I waited for an hour and a half for someone to contact me through their "helpchat" line with no avail... so I gave up and ate...
  • stretching my second canvas by myself without cussing (aloud)
  •  having an understanding Mama, thanks love you
we had a mini fish fry too which helped ease the stress and chaos
catfish including little corn hushpuppies
sobbing fish bead today


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