Friday, September 21, 2012

Bead 416 Pie making day

tomorrow is the pie contest for my local county fair, and I AM READY! I got super hardcore today and baked five pies:
2 berry pies (one for us)
1 buttermilk pie (plus a few minis for taste testing)
1 pumpkin chocolate chip cookie pie
1 apple pie
I had such a fun time making them and only ended up with two wounds; one a burn to the top of my hand as I was balancing the hot pies and trying to rearrange the oven so I could fit all of them in, and taking a chunk of flesh out of the top of one of my fingers because of a stupid old apple cutter. I blead like a stuffed pig for a good long while but I didn't contaminate anything, I wrapped it up stuck it over my head to try to slow the bleading and went on as a one armed pie making champ the rest of the time. My skin smells like butter instead of artist chemicals and I love it....I needed a good baking break and I got it along with allot of other little blessings today.
  1. my eggman is back, ergo we have real eggs again
  2. I was the top bidder for a new Jimbo original crochet hook (birthday present to myself)
  3. made plans to go to the movies later on this weekend
  4. my order for designer toys shipped
  5. got all the jobs I need to get done today finished
  6. made pretty and yummy pies
I murdered a tiny pumpkin, I killed him, violently, while his brother watched......
he watched in horror knowing that sometime... maybe not today....maybe not tommorow...that he would be NEXT!
a small pumpkin soul bead in memorial for the lost life today
have a happy tommorow

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