Monday, September 24, 2012

Bead 419

I was able to make today great which is totally rare and kind of awesome...
beginning of the day was super suckish but progressively got better, and my classes passed by quickly.

So after all my classes were done I went on an art supply shopping spree, to get some much needed supplies for my painting and etching class, and also ended up getting part of my sisters birthday gift, some nice colored pencils on sale, and some Mylar to play with. after that my dad and I went to my favorite international food store where yet again mini shopping spree, after that a quick stop by the Mexican store for some fresh cheese and a little bit of bread. see that churro? that was my "emergency" churro that I gobbled up as soon as I got that photo, I was hungry....
but another awesome thing that happened was today was mail day I got my toys that I ordered a few days ago!!!
churro colored bead today


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