Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bead 420 purples and blues

I had quite a big amount of ups and downs today. some were really good ups and progresses that I have been needing for a super long time to be able to happen .
the day went as follows:
poetry class- fine
call from doctors office- aweful, I got stuck on hold with gosh-aweful roboty advertisments for the doctors and specialist for atleast 18 minutes
painting- super good progress and really nice pick me up text from a buddy

etching- okay, good plate work and print, but I felt really really sick and gross.I had to take afew breaks to just cry and breath my frustrations and pains out.
but It has to get better soon
purple bead today

I know the purples in my painting arn't this bright its just part of the hope for a better tommorow

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