Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bead 399

as usual my Tuesday was freakishly busy so much to the point that I am so near exhaustion right now, but it is a good exhaustion (if there is ever such a kind). even though part of the day I had to remind myself what day it actually was, I painted, prepared an old awesome plate for etching and spoke up for the first time in my poetry class( there are allot of know-it-alls in there, today was the first time I got a word in edge wise). yay productivity!!! but today was shrouded in the color gray, from the ever pouring sky, the oil shades that I had to mix for the painting, to the little zinc bits that came off my plate as a scraped it. I am thrilled and a little apprehensive about finally flying solo in both of these studios but I am thoroughly up for the challenge. I did my best today and was the sweetest I could possibly be as well: that's all I can do.
a mixture of grays bead today


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