Friday, September 7, 2012

Bead 402

crazy eventful "rest" day, even though I didn't really get much rest at all, I ended up waking up at a little before six this morning and unfortunately never was able to go back to sleep. so I took advantage of the early morning and made a great cup of pumpkin chai spiced tea (and a cup of green tea for mama). we hung out till she had to go to work and I went on a nature walk/ photography shoot where i found lots of wonderfully glorious things, a little patch of seemingly enchanted mushrooms, a pretty foggy  sunrise, and an oddly colored sleeping spider.
after my walk I went back to the house to make a double batch of pitas, in between the risings I worked on my etching plate (with my octo as a helper ^_^). After that a buddy came over to drop off some things she picked up for me at the artstore on campus (it has weird hours and I could't drop by yesterday) she hung out for a while and painted then we dropped by our old highschool and art teacher to pick up her sister and just visit for a little while. It was fun but really odd and surreal. anyhoo did that , cme home made supper and mama brought cake , free cake, who doesn't like free cake?
great, but super busy day, todays bead is inspired by the sleeping spider color, it was quite literally the brightest and prettiest color I have seen all day

have a happy weekend

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