Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bead 408

Tired, still tired like yesterday but a bit more sane, stable and allot less worse for ware.
I completed today with flying colors, I:
  • finished my painting
  • got a 100% on my poetry quiz
  • survived a painting demo and semi crit
  • learned a new etching technique
  • tore down my crispy print
  • wasn't a complete zombie the whole day (although I did pump myself with candy and sugar to keep me conscious with the same gusto used pulp fiction.....hell I'll be honest with you)
but the key thing to get from all of this is that I GOT THROUGH TODAY!
rather successfully I might add ^___^
and as a reward from my self and dad I got the most amazing potato wedges from a hole in the wall gas station-grocery-liquor-store. Dad knows of allot of places like that adjoining both of our colleges so it was a fun and much need side trip on the way home. (I didn't mention that I was starving and had only one real meal for the day)
tater wedge as todays bead!
happy friday to you and yours!

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