Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bead 241

so allot done today
but freaking exhausted
we went to a yard sale this morning downtown in benefit for the local symphony
it was a freaking great one!!!
I got a cool automin stool -8$
two bundles of wooden spoons (some hand carved)-2$ for all
various chatskis -2$
and allot of other cool various stuff
and I ended up paying  about 25$ for everything
yippy!!! nice stuff!!!
and the rest of the day was occupied doing various homework assignments
 so tired but I'm still not done
but tomorrow is another day
oh I wanted to show you my submission for Mochimochi Lands  Tiny Baby bunny contest
here are my "Bunny Apocalypse: part 1" photos and help letter

My dear friends,
 For millennia it has been debated that the world will end in the year 2012.
Sadly today I have discovered that it is true…..
Upon coming home from work today I discovered a “Coo” of sorts forming between my bunnies. As the meeting began they started to gather the mini-bunnies scattered around the house. It was immediately clear that Peanutbutter was the leader of the herd, (well this “sectors” herd as I later discovered) he began:
“Welcome everyone…Krackers thank you for bringing the treats today they were delicious, let’s begin the meeting.
 No longer shall we be oppressed under the tyranny of man!!!!!!! No longer shall we be subjugated to “bed-times” or treat embargoes!!! We will be able to chew on whatever furniture we so choose!! I tell you fellow bunnies Rise Up.! Rise Up! As leader of this bunny sector I have decide to push “The Great Buns” plans of world domination up a few weeks! The Bunny Apocalypse begins today!!”
I tried to muffle my gasps from there vigilant hearing but alas….I was unsuccessful ….
If you are reading this letter, please know that I am not safe; I AM TRAPPED IN A CLOSET AGAINST MY WILL!! His tinny minions have me surrounded but are having quite some difficulty with the doorknob …thank goodness….please, please, send help….. and snacks pretty please?
And be cautious, trust nothing fuzzy or cute!! Stay vigilant for bunnies; this is just the beginning of the End.

Isn't it cute??
I hope I win!!!!!
My bead today is a big woolen spoon
oh they are so nice! some of the not so awesome ones will be used for dyeing ,but the real beauties will be loved and used allot

have a nice tomorrow

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