Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bead 232 Great trade!

today was a pretty kick butt day!
design class went by pretty slow but I lasted through it,
studied with my buddy (doing my usual art history themed doodles)
took my exam and felt pretty well about how I did
went out for yummy pizza with my buddy
(we usually only eat half the pizza )

then headed off to the art supply store to pick up a few things
as we were going past a really cool artist whom I have bought prints from before , he looks like santa and so nice and funny, saw us shuffling by and jokingly said "I'll trade you!". Of course being me I said "you really want to ?" and winked at him, so he chuckled asked what kind of pizza it was and eventually we struck a deal five postcards for the half a pizza , i chose three for me and my buddy chose two for her.
here are mine:
so that was epic ! the one thing that went awry today was a my hippy skirt debacle after coming out of the art store...... apparently about half of my butt was showing- seeing as the bottom end of my long flow skirt had gotten caught on one of the straps of my back-pack......well at least a really nice lady noticed and told me before I had gotten across campus fully....
I had pretty panties on so it could have been worse....
you are free to laugh hysterically now, I did ..eventually...
I'm honest, I really don't want to seem as if I am putting on heirs about who I am, what I do, or how embarrassingly funny my life is.
anyhoo my bead to day was inspired by my artist-hippy-santa-friend
its a nice colorful bead in his usual pallet with a nice pretty beard like his

have an awesome Friday
oh! and ladies please watch out for your skirts! ;)

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