Friday, March 30, 2012

Bead 239

today was better-ish
still tired
but feeling much further along then I did afew days ago...finished somethings
tried my best, and was honest with myself and others.
(regardless if they heard me or not)
taking responsibility for your actions is important to me, regardless of whether you are "grown" or not
I don't think I will every be fully "grown" but at least I am able to own up and stand by my actions
today I :
  • got farther on my design project
  • spoke to a friend whom "talked me off the ledge" so to speak about saying and taking actions towards someone who hasn't been treating me right and will not own up to it, or grow up
  • went out for yummy burgers with my cousin whom also really helped my day by listening and understanding my opinions about certain things going on around the world of ours
  • purchased a hippo ^_^  he-he
  • went on a small "adventure" with my family
  • took peanutbuttter out for his second outside exploration
my bead today is made of just a handful of locks I pulled out of one of my wool bins

decisions are important but taking responsibility for your actions and standing behind those decisions is the most important
have a lovely friday beautiful people

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