Monday, March 5, 2012

Bead 215

I dont do well alone, seriously I don't........ I'm pretty much I am the human equivilent of a cocker-spainel. Fine and cool when other people are around, yet I will go bat-sh*t-crazy as soon as you step outside that door, unless I have something to do
so therefore I must be occupied at all times
I planned to mainly bake today but that didn't work out
for pretty much everything I wanted to bake , we didn't have half the Ingredients............poop
so i ended up doing snail shaped rolls , cheeseburger-macaroni, flan
and I also dyed about five skeins of  yarn with Kool-Aid knock offs
my bead is artsy and has a smidge of one of my skeins tying down a roll of scraps peeled of my board

hopefully tommorow will be more bake-y

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