Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bead 238

Tired. Had a semi-difficult day, not a bad one I just don't feel too well
I turned in my appropriation of Vasily Sitnikovs' "Portrait of an Inmate"
my professor liked it and couldn't  critique it at all so I'm going to guess that is a good thing?

Allergies have been kicking my butt lately and today was the absolute worst
headache, sneezing, inability to breathe, coughing, and my brain oosing out of my ears and eye sockets......well maybe not quite that bad
but it feels that way
so my bead is allergies a gross yellowish, black lump
is it "his" fault that he is gross?
Do I care?
still don't dig him that much!!!

I have allergies all through out the year but the spring is some of the worst times ever
I love nature and am a total hippy child yet I end up wheesing soon after
I might have asthma? I'm not quite sure but I assume that crazy raspy whistly  difficult breathing isn't good
tommorow is going to be good it has to be, hopefully the migranes won't last too much longer
that is the only thing thats killing me the most
hope you are well
we are almost there!!!

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