Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bead 231 Exceptance and ladybugs

Today was a real mixed bag of nuts, the good and not so good chunks were about even but whateves I'm a glass half-full kind of lady, but here is some of the stuff that went down today:
  • the building that I usally go into was locked so I had to wait in the cold for about 15 minutes
  • my english proffessor gave me a C+ on a paper proposal that I sent him
  • crit- went really well for me anyways (the duche-bag guy in my class went kind of crazy when it was his turn and scared me abit)
  • I was able to study for my class tommorow(I'll study a smidge more tommorow)
  • mama made yummy pasta for supper
  • I went on a walk with mama after supper
  • I found a slightly jerky ladybug
  • I took a chill pill
Exceptance of the things you can't change about yourself really sucks, and unfortunatly was the main theme of the day for me I kind of lost it after the first 'not too favorable' things hit me in the face,but it is okay
 I found a ladybug
so that is my bead
have a happy tommorow
please send me some nice vibes for tommorows exams

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