Monday, March 12, 2012

Bead 222

I have the moderate monday ickys
drawing class was okay, my professer either really likes me or enjoys messing with me....either way I don't mind, I think he does enjoy me allot
he loves coming over to see what I'm up too, which is often eating...checking my phone...doing the assignment while making funny faces at it (I CAN NOT CONTROL MY FACIAL EMOTIONS  TO SAVE MY LIFE) .today in particular we were working with india ink...doing still
in the beginning I was being a bit tedious as always
so that came with a big "you-can-do-it-just-give-it-your-all-balls-to-the-walls" speech
he didn't say balls to the walls part, but it pretty much seems like it should be there
the day wasn't too bad I did finish pretty much all I needed to do for today and all I have is one more project to do then I am done, but that is for tommorow
anyhoo my bead is inky
there is real indian ink in it


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