Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bead 234

today was pretty awesome day least the first half was
mama and I went for our free breakfast, chicken biscuits for both of us then her and I headed to our local farmers market for "Chicken and egg Day" supposedly it was to be a chicken eggstravagansa (I sincerely  apologize for that, their pun not mine) but ended up kind of being a bust, there was one lonely rooster, a small table with info on naturally dying eggs and a corner where "cooking classes" were being held on how to prepared eggs Benedict for three dollars, no thanks to that! I rather save my money for more produce.....egh not as epic as they portrayed it to be, but on the bright side I did get to enjoy the market and bought some sage to plant and a bunch of swiss-chard for under five bucks for both, and also learned how much egg sizes and nutritional values fluctuate. there were teeny-tiny eggs from when the hens just start laying and huge suckers almost the size of your fist...crazy!!
the last photo was me playing with the swiss-chard and my giraffe planter

after that the sky pretty much went gray, cracked open and filled the air with big ol' rain drops, lightning, thunder and pea sized hail. it was so exciting and beautiful
so today's bead is a small hail-ish creature like the ones that filled the sky and my yard for the past few hours

have a nice tomorrow

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