Monday, March 19, 2012

Bead 229 check list!!

today was a preductive day
and suprizingly I survived
I was a big brave lion
I went to class turned in my late homework, check!
did the best I could in class, check!
scurried to my next class for a quiz in which I read and took notes on, check!
went to my advising appointment where my councelor was pleased with me and helped me oodless, check!
searched through the library and found an artist to replicate for a project,check!
collected supplies for tommorows studio and have gotten everything ready for tommorow,check!
read about half a chapter and took notes for a quiz on wednesday, check!

see I told you I got a bunch of stuff done today!
yippy !!!!!!!!!!!!!so todays bead is a check list made out of llama
he is so proud and cool

have a dope tommorow

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