Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bead 211

happy March everyone, I know it isn't a holiday or anything but it was a freakishly beautiful day
I went to classes did my thing
worked on my paper and sent it to my buddy for his opinion on it ,he helped a bunch (as always) and now all I have to do is slap a conclusion on this puppy then it is done!! YAAAAY!!
I also got to vollunteer at a local halfway house and got to see "my babies", oh how I love them and love vollunteering. but on the way home we discovered a fox that had lost its life :(
I live in the country, poor creatures in the middle of the road isn't anything new
but this one was diffrent , he was so beautiful
R.I.P. beautiful
you will be missed my dear
hopefully he didn't feel any pain

have a happy friday lovies
till tommorow

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