Friday, March 9, 2012

Bead 219

today was a super nice day!!
so I want to mamas work looking to do a good ol' day of vollunteering, but we were pretty much turned out as soon as we got there, her kid wasn't going to be there today
we headed off to my sisters house where we hung out with her and my big bro for a few hours!!
we ate.
we watched movies.
we chilled.
we talked.
we laughed.
we told stories.
we shared pictures.
all of it was really fun ^_^
also I got some homework done today too (with mama's help, thank you!!)
we picked up some more yummyish foodstuffs for some food making
its going to be epic!!!
but back to the bead its a simple colorfully bead using a piece of yarn from all of the 8 skeins I dyed this week

happy weekend

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