Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bead 213

today we went out to breakfast where I got my favorite omelet
te-he it was delicious
 then after the rest of the day was occupied reusing old felted sweaters ,every part is going to be used and its going to be so epic!!!!
also another thing that happened today is I took a nap...accidently....
I hate taking naps, I know I "need" the sleep but really can't stand taking naps because:
  1. I feel bad wasting the day
  2. I feel grosser then originally after taking-said-nap
  3. I can't sleep well during the night
  4. .........there are more but I can't remember????
So my bead is a sleepy llama lump surrounded by a "blanket" of some of one of the sweaters I am working with

have a lovlie tommorow

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