Friday, April 27, 2012

Bead 268 Finally Done!!

I am officially out of school!
yup. seriously I'm free.
I got an A on my English portfolio, which counts as 50% of my total grade! check.
I took my art history exam. check.
so now I've got it made in the shade with pink lemonade !
I can't believe this school year is over but I am so relived that it finally is. most of the year went by quickly, but some really had a talent of  dragging on and on and on.
today's bead is just
 done period.

I have been shouting that for the last few weeks, at myself, Friends, Family, and even a few strangers.
because before I was done, in every other way except actually done.
now I officially am and loving it.
hope ya'll will have a wonderful weekend!
a free

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