Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bead 245

today started out really sucky
-I had no cash on me
-I was in ooodles of pain
-I ended up bumping into the janitor I loathe that talks to me too much and likes bumping my shoulder too much
-I wasn't going to be able to get lunch
-and I got the wrong texture of paper for my studio class

BUT.....It turned out that none of that stuff mattered
-I was kind of short to the janitor dude, I felt bad after but I don't enjoy being hit on by a man old enough to be my father
-the paper didn't really matter we were only doing old still lives and he only skimmed around the room for a few minutes saying yes or no to what we had I got a yes, te-he
-I had my proposal for my drawing final approved by him and he even gave me paper to do them on
I was loopy during the whole thing, he thought it was hilarious so did I. He even said he missed me on Monday, I called him a liar, we got a kick out of that too.
-my other class went by fast
-and lastly dad was able to pick me up and take me home early!! (I also get to sleep in a smidge)
it started out crummy but ended up a pretty great day
also mama took my out to buy little cacti
I ended up getting about 8 mini cacti all for under 12$
at are local pharmacy
the check out dude always laughs allot when mama and I are there? He laughs at our inside jokes too... which in turns just causes laughter between mama and I
my bead is a small, slightly-laughy cacti

tomorrow is my "Friday" no school on the actual Friday
have a lovely tommorow

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