Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bead 266

today was my study day.....I sort of studied, well I did study for awhile then gave up after a certain point.
I'm tired the kind of tired that can't be healed in one rest day, so It ended up being about one and a half days of rest...and that still doesn't quite cut it
I'm tired.
In mild lethargy.
And really needing about a full weeks worth of sleep, but my body won't let me sleep!!!!!!
The latest I can sleep is about 9 in the morning, that is it, I'm not the kind of lady able to sleep the whole day away.....even if I need to....
lethargy bead today.

p.s. could you pray for or send some good vibes to PeanutButter? he hasn't been feeling too well, and we are getting worried.

p.p.s. I finally got my surgery date!! (yay, robot arms in my body, squishing around....eww not so yay but egh It-ill-doooo!!)

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