Monday, April 9, 2012

Bead 250

feels like a Wednesday ...totally ,a really nice fun Wednesday .
This morning began with my drawing class outside doing landscapes, well one landscape in the park  beside the studio building
Its a bowl shape and moderately suckish to draw in
I did my best,which included floundering for a while until my professor forced me to "just draw already!!!"
he said that one of his professors told him when he was in school; that if you have problems within your art you must be doing something right
well if that is true I am so doing EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE RIGHT!! ha ha
but life is good I got out of english early and got a B+ on my paper!!
it was super pretty outside and I got to see mamas pretty face for half the day
a bright yellow embroidered bead today

tommorow is a new day, that I can't wait to see, the weekend will be here sooner then we think and we will be okay one of these days
to tommorow my friends!

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