Friday, April 6, 2012

Bead 247

If I could fly I totally would....
today was....a day
not totally awesome not horribly suckish
just a day
we went to a big chain pancake house this morning instead of are normal local joint, big mistake!
Everything was awful, the eggs were burnt, the service was lousy, the crepes were greasy, floors were sticky-ish, and they didn't even take our coupon.
(I much rather go to my little oddly decorated, homey, hole-in-the-wall-ish place with wonderful food then the alternative)
then we went to a few various places in search of confetti for cascarones
we didn't find it where we directly searched for it
we did find other stuff (in which I will go back for later)
including some dehydrated fishys at the Mexican store that I thought looked cool
i have no idea of there function but I loved photographing them

I also took Pb and Krackers out on a walk today ....It didn't go too well for either of them :(
they were acting out allot today,krackers even had her first "time-out" today
but they each got about half an hour outside and munched on grass
todays bead is grass,ours was so beautiful and cool and smelled amazing!!

have a happy weekend lovies!

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