Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bead 267

today was a flip-flopish kind of day:
-I only had one "exam" which was just portfolio review with my drawing professor
           -I forgot my locker key, so mama had to bring it to me before work
-My professor was really happy with me , said I was a delight to have, and gave me an A for the semester
           - I felt like crap the remainder of my short day
-Didn't have to make dinner today
          - ended up laying down for a few hours afterwards
-still worrying about peanutbutter
Today was my second to last day of my freshman year of college,
I'm done officially tomorrow even though mentally I am already finished.
One more exam tomorrow, but I'm going to be on campus from six in the morning till six in the afternoon.
my bead today is just a small blegh face, not happy, not sad, just blegh

hope your friday will be wonderful (and mine too..)

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