Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bead 246

so here is what happened today starting with some "random" thoughts/actions from me today:
-googled "where can I find a cosby sweater?"
-I seriously want a sweater like one of his, I will feel loved if I have a sweater that looks as if a unicorn barfed on it
-I cussed at a crow today, loudly
-harrased my eye doctor and staff there for pictures of the inside of my eye, they emailed it to me
-got yelled at for drinking all the damn juice and got called a juice hogger
-Recived my haminal in the mail today, screamed when I got it
-threatened to cut a bunny today if she would not stop ramming her head into doors that didn't belong to her, then going into others rooms and eating lint, crud, and dust bunnies underneath their beds....
this is my life!

he-he you should be!
 Today was a pretty awsome day I got to sleep a smidge later then I usally get to
classes went well and the day passed by pretty quickly
the only sucky parts was my cyst bothering me and I had a horrible headache
for like 14 hours
but egh I shall survive
todays bead is a pineapple ring
 for my haminal
Beacause he came today!!!

today totally felt like a friday
but allas it was not, tommorow will be and I hope you have a great one!

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