Monday, April 16, 2012

Bead 257 strawberries and ledges

I'm going to be compleatly honest with you right now.
I had to talk myself off the ledge at least five times today.
The day wasn't bad in the least , just my mind hasn't been too kind to me......
drawing class was kind of boring we were drawing hallways-easyish stuff
english class upset me but we got out early
as a suprise my neighbors took me for gyro's at lunch time
then we went to a craft store (where yet again I resisted purchasing yarn) and I purchased some new needles for a new project to begin as soon as I'm out of school
but life goes on and the best part of my day came later when my family and I went strawberry picking

we had a nice time and I made a strawberry shortcake afterwards
and let the bunnies try small stawberries for the first time
PB ate over half of his but Kthe diva didn't even try it

strawberry bead today
he is too freakishly cute to eat
have a beautiful tommorow

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