Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bead 244

today was a pretty good day-
  • finished all of my project and turned it in on time
  • critique went well
  • class let out early
  • I got a cool pen like thingy that uses regular ink and is metal so I don't have to murder fine point sharpies anymore
  • history class went awesome as usual
  • went to get pitas to-go with my cousin
  • food was yummy but krackers got super freaked out by my cousin's dog
  • got home early
  • danced in the rain to clear my head after some difficulties with myself...my brain really
today was my first "break" day that I have had in a long time
I felt so much better being able to relax for more then two minutes
The super hero in me could rest (well the super-weird-over-achiever-artsy-fartsy-crafty-crazy-manic-tired-addict to coffee, plushies, food,candy, wool/yarn, nature and stuffity stuff-super hero)
Because even super heros need a break some times
the rain recharged me but I still need rest
this is how I would picture myself if I was a super hero
freaking adorable.
made of  "misty" wool and nice scraps of yarn and white roving

stay safe.stay strong. stay happy.

have a happity hump day

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