Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bead 265 Meringues in the oven

I slept in today, well to 9 o'clock.....
then I did some artsy things all day
and made my first batch of meringues, so lets just say I can NEVER go back to store-bought, icky, tasteless, super-dry ones ever again.
Honestly today I began with a moderate loathing of meringues
but I had oodles of fun making them in my "new" mixer. yes you heard right I have a stand mixer and its beautiful.....well in a homely kind of way but it is still pretty great. Its most likely older then I am and has a super thick glass bowl instead of the standard steel ones these days, but he is lovely and his name is Stan!
but this isn't about Stan, The meringues were amazing I totally wung a majority of the recipe.
 mexican-chocolate and vanilla bean meringues soooooooooo epic and melt in yor mouth deliciousness!!!

meringue is my bead today
my real ones ended up not so pretty looking because I have no piping bags
no worries they are still beautiful in their own way

have a happy hump day my dear

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