Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bead 515

Nice day despite me getting a little bit worse illness wise! spent the morning bundled up at home, mid afternoon and lunch hanging out with neighbors, munching on pizza and exchanging gifts.After we returned to our house and recovered from the journey over there (need I remind you that we are just next door from one another, but we are all sick-ish so egh I guess we had an excuse) then mama and I went to go visit and exchange gifts with my sister and big bro, It was really fun despite not being able to visit long. I got great gifts and my brother and sister know me so well! I got really nice aromatherapy things and a really awesome monster mug from my bro! It ironically is my absolute favorite uglydoll so  he did very very very well. ^________^

OX (the monster) colored bead today


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