Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bead 490

I am exhausted but pretty darn satisfied with myself.
Today I went on an adventure of sorts with my good friend, honestly we just went into my studio at school to work (even though we both had the day off)
my buddys plate
I taught her how to etch and put the final touches on my portfolio. we did some pretty intermidiate stuff but she did it like a champ and even convinced mr to use a diffrent colored ink...YELLOW!
I don't know why but using colored ink in our class has thus far been pretty taboo, I don't think anyone else throughout the semester has used it.well atleast not in our class. But we did today, at first I was apprehensive but I really love the work that came from it.

afterwards we got food, she dropped me off, I grubbed, made another giant batch of chex mix , marinated fajitas and did some artistic work, cooked like a beast, and did some more artsy things.
yellow inky bead


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