Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bead 498

its 12-12-12 people are freaking out about it. I get it, its cool "last one in your lifetime" thingy majjigy. But whateves I was planning to make today great regardless of the date on the calender.
Today was my celebration-adventure day with a good buddy of mine. there was set plans but egh life has a way of muffing some things up.
       we first set off to my home towns first designer toy art show at a local gallery, unfortunately when we showed up there it was a ghost town and no one had there act together enough to have the doors unlocked, even after we talked to a receptionist in another gallery they still didn't help or even bother to pretend to ask that portion of the adventure was postponed. It mad me so SAD that I was sooo freaking close, yet so far away at the same time. As we trudged back to the car I had to pause afew times to wail in my misery.
       after that we went to the comic book store to uplift our spirits (even though the non-gallery tour really brought us down) and it did for the most part, as I was paying I got caught in the witty banter between the cashier and a fellow patron behind me in line...long story short he (the cashier) asked if I could stab the dude in the leg with a pen. weird I know.
then brunch!egh we went to an okay restaurant. it was so so.
     next the craft store! where are spirits were lifted again and where I got some cool stuff for "work" and some cool stuff for future projects too. then since we were in the area we got slushies ^_^ we were in a shopping center and it was freezing cold but still we wanted something cold. a cop (whom was awkwardly parked on the side walk in front of a store) apparently overheard my friends' and my quandary on whether to get ice cream or slushies and teased me for wanting something cold even though it was freezing out and the fact that I was putting on as many layers as I could to stay warm. It was super weird since we didn't know him from adam and that he was pretty far away from us when we were talking, but what is life?
It was an eventful and pretty good day
 tiny 12 bead today


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