Monday, December 3, 2012

Bead 489

I am super tired but had a pretty amazing day.
My critique went very well and I got a straight A in the class and for the project. 2 of my sculpture are being stored in my professors office, and they are going to be in a spring sculpting exhibition at my school.The lion (the green and overly woolly colorful object to the left)is mine, My professor compared my work to Jeff Koons, um amazing compliment!! I wish I would have gotten better photographs before I handed it over, but at least it is safe and sound! he loved how whimsically weird it was and that I successfully used recycled materials. whoop! not bad for mainly one days worth of work?
the rest of the day went by quickly and I was even treated to a special supper from my dad, he said that I looked pitiful when he picked me up and took my out for a pita and be honest I was starving but I could have waited till home, but it was still really nice of him...and freakishly DELICIOUS!
my wounds still hurt allot but I've finally got proper bandages...

sculpture inspired bead


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