Friday, December 21, 2012

Bead 507

well I'm happy to say that we are in fact alive, the world did not end and I am happy to see you alive and here.It was a difficult final day at school with my class and kids but we got through it and were slightly defeated for it but its OKAY! the kids are free, and so are we.
also I got a wonderful surprise , my snow cone came!
it ended up loosing a little bit of its water on its journey (no surprise we didn't have our usual mail woman who isn't a casserole like the dude we had today, he just plopped it on the front porch and went on his merry way....if you don't already know I love mail and am very particular on how packages are delivered to me...always to the back door to the right hand side by the little stoop) but It is still much loved!! and i fixed it, krackers ended up posing with it by accident but she still looks so adorable!

cone bead today


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