Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bead 494

pretty nice day.
yummy breakfast with mama and I.
laundry mat...wasn't so fun but our water is still on the Fritz for now, so it was needed.
after laundry we found (thanks to my dad) an awesome estate sale where I got a cool shelf, jars, a future table, and allot of nick-nacks all for 9$
ugh seriously awesome deal?
and the cherry on top of the day was receiving my AMAZING  ghost pins
from Sawdust bear ( aka Shing Yin Khor) they arrived so freakishly fast especially for this time of year so it was a total surprise to see the package in the mailbox today ^_^

they were both a bit apprehensive about getting out of the bubble wrap but I was able to eventually to talk them out and even got to take one on a field trip to the grocery store for a mushroom run!

I love them both so dearly and need to give them names soon..any suggestions??
welp my bead is the color of them because they are so cool and awesome and did I mention I love them?


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