Friday, December 7, 2012

Bead 493

very very very tired and sore.
Today was the first day in a really long time that I was able to go to work and help with my moms class and boy was it work! I ended up helping a heck of allot more then an assigned sub that showed up and really had a challenging but pretty good day. (un)fortunately immediately after that work day ended my mom and I hat to migrate across town to help mix batches of cookie dough for the local blood mobile.....ugh I made at least 8 triple batches of dough and my hands still wreak of it (even though I've washed my hands numerous times since) on the bright side I was able to make a monetary donation for some fresh home made butter and I got almost 2 dozen  free range eggs  and a glorious home grown broccoli floret for free from one of the other "mixers"
I also got my new favorite shirt in the mail today! made by fellow hippies and it shall be thoroughly loved forever!!!
blocko' butter bead today

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