Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bead 548

whoohooo! for the most part today was pretty amazing!
had some slightly sucky chunks here and there but still pretty dope in my book!
went for coffee with an online homie and had a pretty great time, minus my social awkwardness and fidgetyness....but he is super cool, nice and understanding. haha
oh how socially awkward I am...but I tried and for the most part succeeded today!
so yay!
he was so nice and gave me tons of extra awesome things!
I made him an thank you gift, cute-ugly monster globe.
bright blue!(one of his favorite colors) and a pretty accurate color representation for today
so monster color bead today

*on another not my mom was super sweet and got me and adventure time poster as an early valentines day gift! Thanks mom!!!!

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