Monday, January 21, 2013

Bead 538 decisions decisions

tired like super totally face melting exhaustion...I had coffee after 4 in the afternoon...big mistake..because apparently night coffee makes me tired and full?
anyhoo had a pretty great day
homework in the soon as I got up.. wasn't my best decision
watched Sidney Portier movie marathon on amc. I LOVE SIDNEY! so very much and I love old movies.
Got my a brand new gorgeous Ipad! I REALLY needed one and am so glad I got it today.
I've already been using it alot today and still need to get a case for it, I'm borrowing a neighbors semi-janky one soooooo egh still need one thats me!
searching for one now

I also attended a local artist meeting and had a pretty damn good time there. yay local artist!!!
got my death gnome too! I love it so & he is so beautiful!
death gnome (hat shaped) colored bead today ^_^

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