Friday, February 1, 2013

Bead 549

had a pretty epic day.....started off with a continued coffee binge from yesterday...didn't really sleep last night, just mainly stopped twitching a being so weird for about an hour and in the afternoon makes me weird...continued the binge coffee drinking in the morning so I wouldn't  crash and flounder that much during the day...still ended up being super slow derpy brained though....
got 2cups of coffee
but went to class...blahh
met my buddy for pizza! it was really good,
went ninja-ing to hide my art pieces downtown for a Random Acts of Art project that I participated in my friend and I hid them donwtown in the freezing cold, stopped in real fast to buy some more wool..spent allot on accident... got sad once we went to the comic book store because I spent so much on wool...but its okay!
new wool bead today- ironically the same color as the railing of my favorite hiding spot today, thus far 3 of the birds have been accounted for and still need pictures of them in their new homes...


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