Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bead 533

Busy and moderately outrageous day, but it was better then the days that I have been having. I'm going to post exactly what I did on Face book as soon as I got a break:

"my day thus far as follows:
go to library to see if they had any of my books since they haven't come yet..they didn't.
dropped a class online and email professors explanation.
go to studio drop off stuff and get a form to adjust my class schedule.
fill out form.
speak to really nice lady about my dropped class.
take form to the spoon to leave it for my future professor.
go back to the studio, ate,... got money.
went to tate st, got art supplies, and rented a fucking book that I've already bought.
back to studio to drop off new art supplies.
go to anthropology.
haul ass from anthro to the studio to get my stuff and get to ceramics.
do ceramics stuff, and mix a shit-ton of red clay (which I am now coated in)
went to the spoon again to pick up the form.
brought it back to the studio for it to be reviewed and stamped........
I'm tired, still gotta take it to the registrars office but I'll do it when my ride comes because I've done a weeks work of running around today."

I was tired and saddish yet at the same time felt really accomplished too? I had done so many things and none of them "broke" me sure I was tired but no worse for wear then I normally am.
I was able to forge a pretty good day out of a a lot of gray mess.
artsy bead today colorful through the gray

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