Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bead 537

lazy Sunday, not intentionally because I woke up pretty early originally but could not for the life of me compel myself to get out of bed.. it was freezing like literally freezing. I have accepted what comes with living in a very old house but can't get over the fact of how much draft actually is able to come through my window. needless to say even though I tried getting up I didn't and couldn't. congestion was a jerk to me today too
I sware year round I am constantly fighting off a cold.
anyhoo I still tried to make something of the day. Was going to start a new project but got tired after splitting over 5 ounces of the stuff (handpainted corriedale), plus I got the sneezes since it still had grass in it... Booo maybe these fellas will do some of it for me??
purple project bead today

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