Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bead 532

Had a kind of bad day mostly because of my own doing. my brain is mean to me, I over worry and over worry to the point that I make myself sick..which is exactly what I did today.
The whole day wasn't bad, I think my new art history professor likes me, which is good.
 talked to a new buddy for a while too.
and I was able to have a mini adventure with my friend and went out to lunch and got to see some dvds of the office and adventure time.
afterwords when I got home is when the major freakout happened, every stressful possibility and reality hit my mind at once and I really lost it. like sobbing to the point that I made myself sick.
But thank goodness that I have a great support system who helped me get my head back together. Hopefully I'm not getting sick, but I'll cross that bridge when and if I get there.
mom has mondo telapathy she got me may favorite pop rocks and that helped my get off my mental "ledge" of sorts.
small pop-rock bead today
tomorrow will be better, because I'm a big brave SMART lion and I can do this.
good vibes and much love sent to you for listening.

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