Friday, January 11, 2013

Bead 528 Burps, erks and no jerks!!!

I love wonderfully cheesy titles ^_^
and am pretty in love with the day I had, today was the last day in a while where I will be able to visit and volunteer with my kids....sad I'm going to miss them and I bet they are going to miss me too (all week they have been asking if I was going to come today) but we made the absolute best out of the day and had quite a great one if you ask me. Taught on of the most difficult kids in the class how to crochet a chain stitch and he really loved it he continued off and on for the rest of the day and was one of the best attitude days he's had in a while.
that alone thrilled me so but, it did keep on getting better. Cooking class went great and the kids made Delicious and beautiful eclairs (and honey mustard chicken strips).
After school mama and I ended up doing a little bit of thrifting at the Goodwill on the way home. I found a fish bowl shaped like a fish, some gloves to make octopus with, a super old and cool "corner"cookie jar, and two bell dome bases one in milk glass and the other regular pottery with a cool crackled brown (pretty not gross colored).
And I also I got one of the (many I'll be honest) toys I ordered and am I love with it
Monster Burp is his name and adorable-ness is his game! he came with one large GID cloud and a small happy one with an adaptor for it to fit.

Burp cloud bead today

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