Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bead 29 Wish

If i had one wish
i wish i could be
a cute little fish in the middle of the

if you cant tell in real life i am a horrible singer. it is okay though , i like me :)
my day was pretty interesting i got to my first class two hours early like always, and hada friendly exchange with the really nice security gaurd that lets me in early (even though i dont think he is supposed to). and my professer asked me why i had to show up so early, and i told him  that it was the only way i could get to school at all and he sweetly taught me how to turn on all the lights and gave me a tale of his youth .
It was magical.
the fish was made with hand-dyed fibers and part of the little tiny stash that i actually have in the house . sigh . i am going to have to leave my BIG WOOL STASH in the big freezer for a few more days.
 then store it diffrently .
happy early thursday

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