Monday, August 15, 2011

bead 12 and 13

I did not forget about yesterdays bead and did compleat it yesterday , however there was a crazy bad thunderstorm that had shaken the whole house literally (I live in a crazy old house it was the first to be built on our street) yesterday was pretty uneventful for the most part and that unfortunatly shown on my bead.
I have been feeling kind of gross lately and i think im getting sick :( which is just wonderful for me about to start my first week of collage soon. im pretty scared.i know i will be okay but egh....... is still frightening.

I told you it was uneventful....

Todays was much better it was my moms birthday :)

i love my mom a ton

she is my best friend

Happy birthday mom!!!
I made a penguin one of her favorite animals

By the way i am going to try and start posting in the morning rather than at night I have Insomnia and posting at night is just feeding the flames
I need sleep and i bet yall do too.


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