Sunday, August 28, 2011

bead 26

today was not a bad day  at all, i  ate alot for dinner which is crazy unusal for me
I had a :
slice of pizza
frozen individual lasagna meal
a piece of cake
a chip
ice cream
and something else ??
hurumf ! i cant remember??
egh i at ate it , whatever it was.

And i watched two good movies
the kings speach with my collage class
Julie and Julia. i loved this movie, it was amazing!!! i love julia child !!!
how could anyone not love her?

now on todays bead it was inspired by my baby and love. Krackers .

the bead is made with the lama fiber, that i have been talking about for a while, i am still not brave enough to spin it yet but, baby steps.

ist the bead cute?(and my beautiful bunny?)
and lama-ey (krakers is not lama-ey)

hope everyone is safe, and has a great week
send me good vibes and i shall send some to y'all as well


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