Saturday, August 13, 2011

bead 11 layers

today was filled with quite a bit of a complishments

1. I finished my girl scout gold project (still paper work to compleat)

2. I stayed relativly pacient today

3. I made cupcakes

(with sprinkles TONS OF  SPRINKLES)

now on to todays bead i am a sculptor and and artist at heart, i cant change that (not like i want to)
layers are all we are ,
 layers of tissue, mucles and bones.
layers of emotions.
and layers of actions that we do every day.
its beautifully fragile
 Ive incoperated layers often into my art work

my scull

layer detail

 and it only seemed appropriate for todays bead to be layered

the layers go as follows:
3.hand dyed red
4.hand dyed purple
5.hand dyed blue
6. hand dyed green

happy weekend

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