Tuesday, August 16, 2011

bead 14

Im glad i dont make promises often because i would be in really bad shape right now obviously im not posting in the daytime :(
But there is alot of stuff i did get accomplished to day .......

 first of all i got up super early
went down to the dmv to get an id; we were one of the first people in line ... very nice
 the person who was in charge of getting it ready made fun of me the whole time but i made him laugh and hopefully started his day off well, i know he has a hard job.

then mom and i came home, i made her and i breakfast

started registration for entries in the local fair

found info that both her and i needed

took care of my "little brother"

This is PeanutButter

looked at my gourds to see what i could paint

or prepare for seeding

then las but not least dyed wool for todays bead
 beautiful red onion skins that i got from the organic onion section the stock boy at the grocery store gave me a funny look but didnt say a word to me, in a way i was kind of helping him clean up but i got enough to dye with so all is well.

the water turned a brilliant burgandy color but the wool ended up a rich yellow orange

  todays bead was inspired by an inch worm

so cute pretty and brave taking it an inch at a time like we all should .... sigh good day :)
hope it was for yall too, sorry there wasnt much posting about the bead , but tommorow is another day.

good night

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