Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bead 21

long day today ,but a pretty good one too
i had pancakes for lunch, i am tired so i am just going to share with you my bead and facebook post as a synopsis of  my days thus far :)
"Cronicals of collage: day 1 i showed up 2 hours early, refused to go to euc or the stacs, and sat (leaning on a sculpture) crocheting listening to music and people watching . got dehydrated but didnt get lost ^_^
day 2: ate pancakes for lunch, went to the magicly enchanted owl castel (foust), made a "NOBODY GET A BOOK" pact with everyone in my learning community, survied the quake , and rented a book... pretty good so far"

 todays bead made with handyed wool and lama fibers (Oooooohhh lama ,its so soft and amasing)
..Pancakes anyone?with a pat of butter

i have beads for eyes but no thread and i am too tired to search .sorry.

love, peace and wool grease (lanalin if you want to get technical)( i get cheesy and stupid when i am tired)

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